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Visitors and Parking

Visitors and Parking

Visitors and Parking

At Redwood Acres Public School, we are striving to preserve instructional time and keep our school safe and orderly. To ensure the safety of our students, everyone, including parents who visit the school, must sign in at the office.

Visitor tags are also required. If you are a parent/guardian who is picking up a child for any reason, bringing required materials to your child, attending a meeting or volunteering in a classroom, you must check in at the office. Office personnel will contact the appropriate people for you. Your co-operation in this area will assist us in providing uninterrupted classroom routines and will help us to secure our school and ensure everyone’s safety.

Parents or guardians who would like to visit classrooms for any reason are asked to make arrangements with the classroom teacher prior to the visit. In keeping with our Safe Schools policy, we ask that you adhere to the following procedure for picking up your children at dismissal time:

  1. Send a note in the morning notifying us that you or a designate will be picking up your child at dismissal time. Calling late in the day or leaving a message does not guarantee that your child or the teacher will be notified in time.
  2. Dismissal is at 2:55 p.m.
  3. After the 2:55 p.m. bell, your child will be waiting outside the office.
  4. Please do not take your child from the classroom, the bus line or the hallways without sig ning him or her out at the office.