School Profile

School Profile

School Profile

Home of the Redhawks

Redwood Acres Public School offers programming from Kindergarten to Grade 6 in English. Our school is located in Hanmer and is the only English elementary public school in the area, drawing students from Val Caron, Val Therese, Blezard Valley and Hanmer.

With a student population of 311, we have a strong and active Special Education department with 2.0 Special Education Resource Teachers and 4 full-time Educational Assistants. We house the Intensive Support Program (ISP) classroom for our family of schools (Redwood Acres, C.R. Judd and Valley View) as well as the EarlyON Child and Family Centre and various before and after school programs offered by the YMCA.

Our Music department introduces primary students to vocal music. Junior students enjoy various instruments including the recorder, percussion instruments and ukulele. For students who might want to learn more, private instructors visit the school to offer piano and guitar lessons.

We are proud of our school and our many accomplishments. Students do well in academic challenges, and we offer many fun activities for them to participate in including a Christmas Concert and Christmas Feast, we also participate in Music Monday. We have a junior choir that has sung the National anthem for the Sudbury Wolves, a knitting club, and a host of other clubs for students to become involved in.

New to the school in 2018 was our Amateur Radio Club. Operating the radio station VA3OLP, radio club members talked to radio stations around the world, learning geography and enhancing speaking skills. One student took a flight in an airplane belonging to a local amateur radio operator and talked to the school from high overhead!

Knowing that children learn best on a full stomach, we began a Breakfast Club for all Redwood Acres students. We offer a variety of sports for students including a soccer team, a volleyball team, a basketball team, a floor hockey team, a cross-country running team, and a cross-country skiing team. At Redwood Acres there is something for everyone.

Our community is very involved, as is evidenced by our active School Council and parent/guardian volunteers. We offer healthy snacks, sponsored by the Public Health Sudbury & Districts’ Northern Fruit and Vegetable Program.Through BINGO games, operated by parent volunteers, we have purchased iPAD’s, Chromebook and interactive Whiteboards for all our classrooms. Through the efforts of our Parent Council’s fundraising initiatives, we have recently purchased a new play structure for the schoolyard, which will be installed in August 2018.

Technology provides the vehicle for our students’ engagement, and we are moving towards 21st Century learning classrooms with flexible seating and open-ended questions, providing an entry point for all our students. Students use G-Suite for Education on a regular basis, and the Google Classrooms allow them to participate in school even while they are not physically in the building. We are currently in the process of designing and furnishing a maker-space for our students to learn and explore in.

At Redwood Acres we care about your child, and our vision statement, “SUCCES BIG OR SMALL – EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY” reflects the level of commitment of the staff to our students. Our Professional Learning Communities reflect our belief that every student’s progress is a collective responsibility.